Profile | Yeung Yuk Kan
Yeung Yuk Kan

My work is about moments in time, the present and memories from the past. Various elements and fragments of these moments are often integrated into the work. Poets use words to express their feelings; I use colours, lines, and porcelain to compose poetry. 

To cross the boundary between the arts of ceramics and painting has been an inspiring challenge for me. The porcelain forms are shaped intuitively by throwing, coiling, and slab building; while the act of drawing and painting is often abstract and spontaneous. The balancing of calligraphic lines, shades and empty spaces interplays with the porcelain surfaces and forms. This working process helps me to unleash my imagination, and to create a form that will speak for itself. Sometimes, I like to leave traces of drawn lines on the surface: the countless changes made in the compositions and images are left as a record of all the gestures, observations and decisions made, describing a journey through uncertainties and contemplations.  

Literature, poetry, architecture and nature are my sources of inspiration. What intrigues me most is the unexpected encounters during the exploration in the infinite realm of imagination.